In order to guarantee the best experience possible, our developers have been working around the clock to improve and enhance the Circle for users. You deserve a platform which has spared no expense, which is sleek, fast, and guarantees more functionality than ever before.

For example, the updated Circle will feature new areas for finding friends based on shared interests, a new and improved memories area, which preserves and reminds you of content you’ve posted or enjoyed in the past, and even a simple area in your profile to download all of your content and information. We’ve also worked hard to dramatically improve site security, with two-factor authentication and several other server and site-hardening measures, holistic site translations in German, Italian, Spanish and more, to help connect practitioners and students from across the world; and here in the next few weeks will be premiering the new course interface, dedicated mobile app, and even more features to help make the Circle a growing, thriving community.

Again, we thank you for bearing with us in the midst of these changes, but we hope you agree that the improvements are spectacular and worth every moment of waiting.